Coca-Cola To Join Cannabis Culture?

Is your beloved can of coke about to have a little extra zip? The soda giant has given hints that they may soon being making changes by the way of cannabis. It seems like in the future, the famous drink will be adding a new ingredient to their legendary recipe."Coke said in a statement Monday that it is "closely watching" the growth of CBD, a non-psychoactive component in marijuana, as an ingredient in what it called functional wellness beverages." Coca-Cola is one of America's biggest companies -- and they may be the next to join cannabis club. It's no surprise that the marijuana space is continuing to grow at a rapid fire pace. The industry is no longer focused on the lazy stoner. Instead cannabis is being added to products to make pain relieving elixirs or (in YUP's case!) to heighten senses on an outdoor adventure, and so much more.

Marijuana is at the helm of a $4 billion industry and it looks like Coca-Cola wants a piece of the edible. However, don't expect to see a CBD coke waiting for you at the nearest grocery store or gas station any time soon. According to CNN Money, "it's unlikely that a major company like Coca-Cola would offer a product infused with CBD in the United States until the federal law changes, said Kris Krane, president of 4Front, a firm that advises companies on the legalities of marijuana and an expert on cannabis law. He said he would expect that Coke would develop the product first for sale in Canada, readying it for the United States once it's legal." Still, we can't wait to see the development in the future in all facets of cannabis.

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