Workout with YUP.

At YUP, we have created a line of bars to have the optimal mix of THC and CBD to compliment your daily routine, enhance your lifestyle and add a little extra fun to your day. It's no secret that cannabis use is becoming increasingly widespread, recreational, and used for countless beneficial mediums. With this change, has let consumers experiment with using marijuana to improve their lives in different facets of life. One way that has been a trailblazer in the world of cannabis is combining the marijuana and exercise -- and it's creating beneficial results for people.

The question is… what types of benefits come from incorporating THC and CBD into your workout? While there isn’t yet much research that has been done on this correlation, many people have claimed that using marijuana can heighten the enjoyment of certain physical activities. Exercises that rely on repetitive movements like using a treadmill which can sometimes become extremely mundane (and sometimes you want to do anything else instead!) can be enhanced with cannabis use. Those who have tried it say that they experience higher energy and motivation to run farther.

However if you have a quick YUP bar before you head to lift, it may lessen your ability to perform your best at an extra rigorous workout session. So, the trick is to find activities that fit into a lower impact exercise category -- like a scenic hike or run -- and find a product that works with your routine...AKA a YUP bar. We designed the bar with bold flavors and ingredients to help bring your lower intensity workout to the next level.

Follow us on this grand cannabis adventure! See what’s jiggling our beans. In design, flavor, events, lifestyle. YUP, we’re into it all! Join us.

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