Recently, the luxury marijuana craze has infiltrated a new market: skin care. Following the success of many similar high-end products, these luxury CBD skincare goods have been extremely popular across all demographics. While they continue to pop up in new markets, confusion over the legitimacy of these newfound products has left potential buyers pondering…is it worth it? Our verdict: YUP. Cannabis based skincare is legit and it’s here to stay!

So, what are the benefits of these unique products? Well, the possibilities are virtually endless. Some of which include: pain relief, reducing inflammation, and stress reduction. “For 5,000 years, cannabis has been helping everyone,” says one of the founders of Lord Jones, a company that produces CBD lotions. ‘Before 1937, when it was prohibited, there was a cannabis elixir on every shelf. It reduces inflammation and pain in a way I’ve never seen anything work.’”

Even celebrities are taking note of this budding trend and getting excited about cannabis infused skincare. Kristen Bell recently posted an Instagram Story praising Lord Jones’ lotion for relieving her sore muscle pain after a tough workout. Health Guru Gwyneth Paltrow has been producing content about the benefits of CBD skincare for years on her popular blog, Goop. So, what’s stopping you from trying it yourself? Products range from toners, to serums, and even soaps. You can rake in the benefits of skin relaxation and relief anywhere wherever your day may take you!

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