The Stoner Shift

The world of cannabis continues to shift, more and more individuals are participating and consuming marijuana for a plethora of reasons – and most of them aren’t because they’re lazy, boring couch potatoes. This change is one of the reasons we’re so excited about YUP, because our bars will be an asset to this progressive and ever-changing industry. But, we’re not alone in seeing how powerful this change truly is. Medmen, a high quality dispensary in California, Nevada and New York has created a campaign that is working towards shattering the stigma tied to the word “stoner” by launching a series of thought-provoking and creative advertisements. The ads help to reshape the typical view on what people constitute as a stoner. They showcase people from all walks of life – athletes, grandmothers, chefs and nurses – individuals who don’t fit the normal blueprint of a pot smoker. The tagline “Forget Stoner” sums up the whole idea – that it’s time to ditch the antiquated idea of what it means to be a member of the cannabis community. In addition, MedMen created a website called “” to give an even deeper look on the shift. As the perception continues to change, YUP will continue to grow alongside. It’s exciting to see a change in the preconceived notions against people who enjoy weed.

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