A Great Dose of Adventure!

The chance to travel, to grow and discover new places is in YUP’s DNA – it makes up the fabric of who we are. The insatiable want to seek new adventure is the backbone of our brand; it’s why we made these bars in the first place. We sought out to create a healthy snack that can double as a travel companion for any adventure – big or small – that life throws at you.

Some members of the YUP team recently embarked on the trip of a lifetime. A trip to South Africa that is! South Africa is filled with the most pristine landscapes, wildlife, and flavors. A vacation to Cape Town is just plain ol’ exciting! The YUP team was able to immerse themselves in the culture – the freshest of fruits, unparalleled wildlife (hello lions, rhinos and elephants!) and untapped land as far as the eye could see. This experience will help us to cultivate new and exciting ideas for our company! Have the fresh foods and healthy natural flavors that permeate the culinary landscape of South Africa inspired us? You could say, YUP!

We cannot wait to try to implement the things we saw across the globe in the future…so be sure to check back for updates. Until then, sit back and enjoy some pictures from our adventure!

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Follow us on this grand cannabis adventure! See what’s jiggling our beans. In design, flavor, events, lifestyle. YUP, we’re into it all! Join us.

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