Big Things Happening in High Places

Are we always down for an adventure? YUP. Are we always looking for an opportunity to learn new things? YUP. Are we ready to take on whatever life throws at us? YUP. We’ve rounded-up some exciting things happening in our industry, so before you head out to explore with YUP by your side, take a look at some of the stories shaping our world.

  1. Canada’s government has set out to help their citizens cultivate a knowledge of cannabis terminology. They included all the usual names – pot or weed but continue to get more creative and outlandish. Monikers include “dank krippy” and “errl” which we’ve never heard of…

  2. Celebrities are a huge part of our culture and they have found their ways into a plethora of marijuana products. The newest celebrity to try her hand at the grow is Chelsea Handler which she revealed on her Instagram page. “Doing my due diligence on weed grows so I know how I can best help spread the word. Weed is fun again and in controlled doses. I’m into it big time” the comedian wrote. We’re wondering if her strain will help make us funnier? Only time will tell!

  3. Two female entrepreneurs in California have decided to redefine what is means to indulge in some afternoon high tea. They’ve cultivated a brand of weed-infused teas that targets women who want the benefits of a high without the trail of smoke or stench. A smart venture because the marijuana industry has largely ignored the female market in the past.

There are so many products, people and communities that continue to grow and share the industry YUP loves. While we seek ways to explore the world around us, we think it’s important to stay in the know. Which story was your favorite?

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