A Lucky Strike for YUP

It’s not everyday that we get presented the opportunity to team up and hang with some of the coolest companies in cannabis – which is why we couldn’t wait to join in on the fun of The 2018 Canna Bowl in Portland, Oregon. The Canna Bowl ditches the boring structure of a normal trade show by transforming a typical networking event into a night of fun. This meeting of the marijuana minds is so unique; it’s no wonder that this 2nd annual event was sold out. The room was buzzing with an energy that only happens when you’re with individuals who truly love their line of work.

YUP suited up and headed to the world’s first marijuana bowling tournament with teams comprised of creatives in all facets of this ever-growing industry. Between the growers, dispensary managers and CEOs (to name a few!) there was no shortage of individuals who came ready to strike it big. The tournament was the perfect platform for YUP to meet the people behind the products that shape the industry. The event had a $1,000 cash prize and awards for best dressed and highest/lowest scores. Sadly, we didn’t walk with any trophies but definitely didn’t come home empty-handed! The industry leaders were amazing and we learned a whole lot!

The Canna Bowl reminded us why we got into this business in the first place. To fuel feel-good moments with a protein bar filled with feel-good ingredients. And to work with passionate, like-minded people who are in it for this epic journey and the exciting adventures ahead. YUP will keep us stay healthy and ready for whatever is to come. We are thrilled to have kicked off our adventure with Canna Bowl and can’t wait to see where it takes us next! Stay tuned…

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