Introducing YUP

We know you’re busy, adventure-seeking and you want a buzz that won’t end in a buzz kill. This is why YUP has created the first-ever all-natural cannabis protein bar. The amalgam of feel-good ingredients makes this an ideal grab and go snack for your next bout of wanderlust.

These twice-baked bars are packed with healthy ingredients and a healthy dose of THC – the perfect way to get a buzz without breaking your diet or sense of adventure. Our three uniquely delicious flavors – Lemon Lavender Zest, Peppery Dark Chocolate and Bacon Rosemary Bliss…yup, bacon – are the move.

With 12 grams of protein packed into the clean ingredients, YUP makes a perfect addition to your hiking pack, in a water-proof bag in your kayak or as a post-run reboot. After a few bites, you’ll be hit with a buzz that won’t make you feel sluggish, but instead ready to take on the day and forge ahead with your goals. With no gluten, soy, diary or added sugar, the active high sensation will help to keep you engaged and excited while you tackle all your favorite activities.

At YUP we believe that it is always time to seize your cannabis-carpe diem. YUP has made a bar that balances a healthy body and mind with the desire to heighten senses, while living the lifestyle you love. No matter what adventurous path you find yourself on, we hope that our bar’s bold components leave you inspired and ready to take on your next exploration. In the meantime, be sure to check back for an inside look at our team’s excursion at Portland’s upcoming 2nd annual Canna Bowl…you won’t want to miss it!

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